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Mon-Fri. 8:00 am - 5:00 pm; Sat. Urgent Care 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Lone Star Pediatrics files claims with most insurance carriers. To verify that we are a participating provider for your insurance plan, it is recommended that you call the 1-800 number on your insurance card to check with member services.

  • At this time, we are not accepting any NEW Medicaid patients.
  • As a courtesy to our patients we have enrolled in many managed care programs. However, you are responsible for any items that the insurance does not pay for. Statements are mailed monthly and payment is expected after the first statement is received.
  • We will not file any claims for patients without an insurance card. You can request your insurance company to fax or provide you with insurance documentation of coverage that includes all billing information. We will not be responsible for any denied claims due to filing deadlines if new insurance was not given at the time of service.
  • Prior to the office appointment, please be sure that you have contacted your insurance company to add your new baby to the insurance policy. If the claim is denied, you will be responsible for payment.
  • It is advised that all patients verify that Lone Star Pediatrics is an in-network provider for your insurance. Also, check which lab your insurance company is contracted with.